A Privilege that allows you to fly solo or with friends and family

Private Pilot License (PPL) makes you eligible for private flying or in simple words it allows you to fly an airplane solo or with family and friends. With PPL, you can fly local as well as from one airport to another airport. PPL is an excellent way of fulfilling your dream of becoming a Pilot and fly an airplane. Since the PPL requires less stricter medical and less number of hours to gain one, it is a blessing for people with unfilled dreams and those who wish to have a taste of flying an airplane. 

Prepare your Check-List

There are primarily three aspects of flying. 

Test of English Language
At least 16 years of age and passed Class X
Class II Medical Assessment
Police Verification
Minimum 40 Hours of Flight Training

Some documentation is required before writing exams as well as before commencing flying training. The major aspects of the documentation include:
Medical assessment: - Class II medical assessment is required before commencing flying training. There are numerous DCGA approved class II examiners. You can refer to the list Medical examiners list for details.
Police Verification: an address and antecedent verification is required before commencing the flying training. Usually, police verification for address and antecedent can be requested at district police commissioner office by paying requisite fee and submitting required documents with photographs.
Tenth marks sheet Verification
Seeking Computer number: Computer number is the reference file number against which your examination status is accounted. 

Three theory exams need to be cleared. 
a. Composite : this primarily includes Air Regulation, Air Navigation and Aviation Meteorology
b. Technical General : this covers Aeroplane and Principles of flight
c. Technical Specific: focuses on the airplane you will be trained

Difficulty Level : Easy

As per regulation, minimum 40 hours of flying is required. However, practically it takes at least 45-50 hours of flying to complete the requirement. There are stages of flying training that are as below:
a. Pre-solo: This stage will be initiated with basics of flying and go up to your FIRST SOLO.
b. Solo : Once you start flying solo, you will be logging some hours with designated exercises.
c. Cross Country: In this stage you will fly to region away from your origination airport and will be exposed to flight planning and execution.
d. PPL check ride: upon completion of all requirements, you have to undergo a flying test better known as check. Post check you will be a PPL holder.

Private Pilot Licence will cost you around 5-8 Lac ( Depending on your location & Selection of Aircraft ) This includes all the theory exams & 40 hours of Flying on a single engine aircraft.

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