General Aviation, Not So General in India

Jetmatics is a community created to encourage general aviation community.
People usually not know much beyond scheduled airlines or Air force when it comes to Aviation.
We believe flying is for everyone even upper middle class
Like our personal cars, aircrafts should be owned and used for personal usage.

General Flying also Includes Charter Aircraft,Private Aircraft,Training Aircraft,Government Aircraft & Aero-sports.

We have introduced two programmes to encourage this.
We would love to see you in the skies.

Flying is now for everyone

Learn & Get Pilot's license for 7 Lac ₹ 

This enables you to pursue fight training with a convenient, personalised over the weekend schedule. The schedule is designed to make you a Private Pilot License (PPL) holder.

Why drive when you can fly ?
in your own airplane.

Buy 1/4 Share of Aircraft for 50 Lac ₹

Own airplane for 50 Lac ₹ for 1/4th share or entire aircraft for  yourself @ 2 Cr-10 Cr
Depending on Aircraft Choice. 

Do you have high expectations about who flies you or your aircraft as well as maintains your aircraft?

Are you looking for someone who loves what they do and work to exceed your expectations?

We approach every flight-plan we do with maximum effort and care – everything from the chartering aircrafts or to buying aircrafts.

A long-term relationship with our clients is just as important to us. That is why we communicate openly and always keep our promises.

We want to change entire experience of general flying in India.
We make sure we create new benchmark with every landing in sector of General Flying & Encourage others too




Happy Landings





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Dubai ( OPS )

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